Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow

Accounts Receivables Process Management


  1. Efficient collections: Accys works through a system-driven process built on properly defined collection of procedures and policies applied uniformly across your entire credit portfolio.
  2. Monitoring and follow-ups: Coherent, carefully monitored customer service follow-up on every account, that meets defined performance goals tracked and supervised to ensure that we maintain a good relationship with your customer and, at the same time, collect your money as quickly as possible.
  3. User defined systems: Intrinsic prerequisite business intelligence providing perception into the root causes of delays available through our Internet reporting system

Main Objectives

  1. Mobilization and realization of quick wins

  2. Implementation of recommendations

  3. Knowledge transfer and training

  4. Issue identification and responsibility allocation

  5. Continuing delivery of improvements

  6. Progress against action plans and improvement

  7. Issue resolutions

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