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Case studies for specific problems at the time of payment processing and their solutions:

Issues that we have experienced and solved for nonpayment of invoices Solutions provided by Accys
Service related issues In such cases, understood the requirements and informed the clients the reasons why the customer is not willing to pay, tried to resolve the customers problems immediately and provided a patient hearing
Invoice approver not in town Ask for any other person responsible for the payment processing; if not then followed up rigorously to ensure that payment is quickly processed.
Payment already made Took all payment details (cheque / RTGS ) and the date of dispatch, tracked the status of the cheque by courier tracking report, and updated in the system
Invoice sent for processing Took the amount details for which the payment would be released, and followed up again with the concerned person
Payment made through wire transfer Take all payment details and the RTGS number and updated the client system
Person busy / person unavailable, call back after sometime Rigorously followed up for the payment
Poor financial health of the customer Immediately informed the client so that the services could be deactivated and higher focus on collections
Previous payments held by the service provider Ensured that the problems were identified and resolved so that the customer could make the payment
Payment process takes a long period of time Provide the customer with the different options of billing, if the invoice can be directly delivered at the place where all the bill processing takes place.
Payment gets done from different location Arrange for substitute when the invoice could be sent directly to the payment processing centre

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