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Challenges in Modern Trade Retailing

High DSO and increased debtors ageing due to commercial issues - Commercial issues in our experience are arising due to following reasons:
  1. Invoices not recorded timely by the MTR chains - known only on due date

  2. Rate differences between invoices raised & recorded - known only at the time of receiving the payments

  3. DN raised by the MTR are not received & recorded by the suppliers-

  4. DN are raised late and have a large timing gap

  5. Expiry stock / promotional schemes adjustments

  6. Reconciling debit notes with scheme T&C's

  7. DN are adjusted against outstanding payments

  8. Delayed payments / short payments, undue deductions by the MTR chains

  9. Payments not recorded or timing differences

  10. Sales returns not recorded / short recorded

  11. Large volume of transactions to be reconciled - invoices, adjustments, payments * MTR chains * units

  12. Legacy issues - resulting in reduced credit limits

  13. Internal team - lack of time to follow up and close issues

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