Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow

Examples of some areas where Accys can assist an organization

a) Invoice submission tracking
• 100 % invoice delivery submission confirmations, by
   hand OR courier
• Tracking / reducing delays between invoice generation
   and submission
b) Pre collections - telephonic & email reminder
• Invoice acceptance calling / emailing for fortnightly
   invoices raised
• Reminders process - before & on due date, escalations
   post due dates
c) Query management,dispute resolutions &
• Identifying commercial / services issues, if any raised
   by customers
• Resolutions to ensure prompt payments of the invoice raised
• Following up with the respective teams for resolving the queries
• Escalations in case of non resolution of issues / repeated
d) Periodic reconciliations, balance confirmations,     TDS certificates collection
• Conducting regular frequency / on spot client
   account reconciliations
• Customer balance confirmations as per pre determined
• TDS certificates collections
e) Customer database management and information      flow
• Centralized customer information records - collation & updation
• Independent feedback for nonpayment by customers /
  risk analysis
f) Clearing up of old dues / outstandings
• Identifying the reasons why the dues are unpaid
Enabling the companies to indentify the exact level of    outstanding based on customer feedback
• Following up with companies to clear the dues

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