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Why is Accounts Receivable Management a Challenge

Accounts Receivables Management poses a difficult challenge for companies on many counts.
The ARM process has to:
  1. Balance conflicting priorities; sales v/s bad debts, cash generation v/s charge offs, profitability v/s market shares, credit sales v/s risk tolerance etc

  2. Handle the consequence of practices and processes of other departments: If a customer is dissatisfied with a product/service he might not be willing to pay for it.

  3. Operate at near 100% efficiency levels; companies expect to recover near 100% of their accounts receivables, 90% within 10-90 days of the due date, and that too at a very nominal cost.

  4. Be executed precisely at every stage; there are several steps involved in ARM, problems at any stage translate into increased costs.

To meet the ARM challenge effectively companies need to invest time, talent, infrastructure and technology. However, it isn't easy to spare these resources; which is probably why "inefficiencies in own process" account for 70% of AR delays in a typical company.
Hiring an Accounts Receivables Management specialist makes maximum sense in such a scenario. Enter Accys, the focused Business to Business Accounts Receivables Management Services Provider.

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