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Follow up with the clients customers for the outstanding Forms

  1. Introduce ourselves as extension of client team, while interacting with the client's customers

  2. Inform dealers about the pending C forms that they have to submit to the client

  3. Submit the outstanding sales tax form invoice details to the customer that will enable them to submit the C Form quickly - customize the information, if required by the customer

  4. Rigorously follow up with the dealers to collect the C forms - escalate to the respective sales team concerned if the customer is unresponsive, maintain customer issue tracker

  5. In case the customer has submitted the C Form to the sales team - following up with the sales team for the C Form and requesting him to forward the C Forms to the HO

  6. Obtain photocopy of Form C from the customer in case the customer has to obtain E1 from the client and issue a Form C

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