Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow

Welcome to Accys

Accys is an accounts receivables management expert and provides the entire range of accounts receivables services to organizations. Our services and processes assist a company to drastically improve their credit management extension and management processes
  • The invoicing processes (from the time of receiving the order to the time of raising the invoice also called Order 2 Invoice or O2I),
  • The accounts receivables process (from the time of raising the invoice to the time of collection of the invoice also called Invoice 2 Cash or I2C),
  • Trapped cash collections (Cash not collected usually 60 days from the due date and getting increasing difficult to follow up and collect),
  • Collection of part invoices due to deductions / short payments from the customers.

Our services enable the company to Reduce DSO, Maximize Cashflow, Reduce Bad Debts & Write Offs and improve the Financial Results of the company, Accys will reduce the workload on the sales and operations team thus enabling them to focus on sales & services and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Top 10 reasons to use Accys Cash Flow Maximization Services

  • Increase Cash Flow without increasing fixed cost
  • Have a faster and better sales realization process
  • Provide a one point contact to the customers for faster identification and resolution of customer issues
  • Eliminate long billing cycles
  • Help you identify high risk customers and reduce trapped cash
  • Improve margins by reducing bad debts & write offs and lower administration and follow up costs
  • Enable visibility into cash flow and collection cycle
  • Periodically reconcile the customer accounts following the pareto principle
  • Bring focus on sales - as Sales team focus on sales and not on collections
  • Leave management free to focus on the core business