Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow

Releasing Trapped Cash

Cash stuck with customers -> 60 days from due date due to the following problems:
  1. Invoicing inefficiencies

  2. Invoice receipt & accounting inefficiencies

  3. Collections process follow up inefficiencies

  4. Time, process & patience
Cash is trapped because of above reasons and leads to high DSO & debtors ageing - Accys has a solution to assist with trapped cash

Accys works with the corporates and assists them in releasing trapped cash from areas where there is lack of focus from the sales and operations team – i.e. money in the 90 + bands and deductions by companies that have built up over a period of time.

Most sales and operations team focus on collecting the easy money and do not expend energy and time on the money that has got trapped due to lack of attention, small and non noticeable amounts, lack of follow up etc.

Accys follows up with their client’s customers – telephonically and by email and requests them to explain why the invoices are still unpaid and after understanding the reason, Accys works both internally at the client end and externally at the customer end to get the trapped cash released.

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