Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow



  1. Independently assessing the current accounts receivables processes and requirements

  2. Identify key concerns/ issues on a real time basis.

  3. Identify improvement avenues and develop road map for accounts receivables improvement

  4. Understand in depth the clients requirements, the delivery timelines, the staffing & infrastructure requirements, process costs, escalation processes, SLA etc

  5. Participate in AR review meetings and rigorously monitor implementation of action points.

  6. Understand and ensure compliance with defined policies, processes, budgets and payment schedules.

Main Objectives

  1. Root cause analysis to identify reasons for slow cash flow performance and company goals / objectives

  2. Customer analysis and feedback on policies, processes and specific issues

Main Outputs

  1. Identification of key drivers of cash flow performance improvement

  2. Establishment of processes, KPI's, tools and enhancements

  3. Establish cash flow champions

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