Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow


Strengthening the accounts receivables processes of an organization can have a tangible and positive impact on a company. The Accys suite of services enable the company to analyze, improve and implement accounts receivables process improvement, our services are customized for every corporate and span the entire account receivables cycle.

Our services are categorized under the following processes:
  1. Invoicing reviews

  2. Special assignments and complete AR process management
Main Objectives
1. Root cause analysis to identify reasons for slow cash
    flow performance and company goals / objectives
2. Customer analysis and feedback on policies, processes
    and specific issues
Main Objectives
1. Mobiization and realization of quick wins
2. Implementation of recommendations
3. Knowledge transfer and training
4. Issue identification and responsibility allocation
Main Outputs
1. Identification of Key drivers of cash flow performance      improvement
2. Establishment of processes, KPI's, tools
    and enhancements
3. Establish cash flow champions
Main Outputs
1. Continuing deliveri of improvements
2. Progress against action plans and improvement
3. Issue resolutions

      Accounts Receivables Process Management