Accys services will positively impact Revenues , Profit and Cash Flow

Why Accys

  1. Maximizing cash flows

  2. Releasing trapped cash

  3. Decreasing DSO

  4. Quick identification & resolution of customer issues

  5. Reduced deductions and short payments
  6. Focus

  7. Sales team focus only on sales

  8. Credit teams focus on large & key customers

  9. Accys focus on the entire AR portfolio including legacy invoices
  1. Process and Independent management reporting

  2. Institutionalized processes for invoice tracking, proactive pre-collections calling, issue identification and resolutions

  3. Independent customer risk assessments - promises to pay defaults, delayed payment patterns, lack of funds etc
  4. Overcoming internal process inefficiencies

In our experience the reasons for cash flow inefficiencies are also due to internal process inefficiencies, which if addressed can assist a corporate to streamline a collections process and improve their sales collections.

Given below is a brief description of the customer process inefficiencies and the reasons for the same.

  1. Overcoming customer process inefficiencies

Often, the customer's processes are not very robust to enable them to track and pay their bills in time, in this case besides focusing internally, it is also a good idea to keep track of the customer's payment plan and mechanisms and conduct timely follow up for payments to ensure timely collections.

  1. Immediate - Short term improvements

  2. Considerably reduce the DSO of the company

  3. Improve the M2M cash flow of the company

  4. Improve the bottom-line of the company

  5. Management & sales team focus on sales growth
  6. Long term improvements

  7. Customer reconciliations, balance confirmations

  8. Regular & consistent contact with the customers

  9. Immediate customer dispute / issue resolutions